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Client Testimonials

My son was facing serious felony charges. He was denied bond and remained in jail from when he was arrested until the trial, some eight months. From day one, Lucas fought for my son, visited him numerous times in jail, and never wavered in his belief of my son’s innocence. Lucas took my son’s case to trial and fought the Government’s attorneys head on. After a strenuous three day jury trial, my son was found not guilty. He came home to us that day after being away from us for so long. Lucas gave my son his life back and we are eternally grateful.”
Crystal F. Boulder County Courts (Feb 2013)

I live on the East Coast and I had an outstanding traffic violation in Colorado. The traffic ticket resulted in the loss of my driving privileges and a warrant for my arrest. Since I live in another state, I tried to navigate the legal system myself, only to be told I needed to appear in court and possibly spend time in jail on top of court fines. I reached out to Lucas Wirth for help on my case. He advised me of exactly what he could do and the time frame in which my case would be resolved. He appeared for me in court while I remained out East. Not only did he keep me informed of his progress, he exceeded my expectations in both the time and fines levied. He vacated the warrant for my arrest, appeared in Court on my behalf and negotiated a plea offer.  I paid a fine only, no jail, and kept my driver’s license all the while I remained on the East Coast.”
Aaron F. Jefferson County Courts (July 2013)

I was unjustly charged with assault and domestic violence. While the case was pending, the Courts put me on random BA’s. Lucas immediately fought for my innocence and did not back down from the DA. Lucas was able to quickly terminate the random BA’s. He persuaded the DA of my innocence and got all charges dismissed. Lucas really helped me through the difficult Court process and he made it as stress free as possible. I could not have done it without him.”
Lori L. Adams County (August 2013)

I was arrested and charged with a DUI. The DA wanted to throw the book at me because I had a prior DUI in the 1980’s. Lucas stood up to the DA, told my story, and got me an In Home Detention Sentence. I was able to keep my job and take care of my family.”
Daniel W. Denver County Courts (July 2013)

I was on a deferred judgment for a felony when I picked up a DUI charge and conviction. As a result, the DA wanted to revoke my deferred judgment (thus jeopardizing my professional license and career that I worked so hard to obtain) and stick me with the felony. Lucas was able to convince the DA to not revoke my deferred judgment and he kept the felony off of my permanent record. I was able to keep my professional license and stay on track with my career.”
Michael J. Denver County Courts (Sept 2012)

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